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Rarer than Diamonds: The World's Largest Tanzanite April 08, 24 by John Jeffay

(IDEX Online) - A huge tanzanite that was hand-carved into a 703.4-carat sculpture has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

The world's largest cut tanzanite, called L'Heure Bleu, was carved by New York-based artist Naomi Sarna and is mounted on a twisted sterling silver base. 


Profits from sale of the carving will go to the Casey Eye Institute to provide eye care to the Maasai people of Tanzania.

Tanzanite is among the "newest" and rarest of gemstones, far rare than diamonds. Tiffany & Co first marketed the green, red, purple and blue stone in 1968 under the name Tanzanite (its scientific name is blue-violet zoisite).

It is only found in one tiny area of the country, a four-mile strip near the Mererani Hills in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Pix courtesy by Naomi Sarna and Guinness World Records.

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