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Full Service Jewelry Repair

Expert Jewelry Repair

Caviar offers full service jewelry repair. We have a GIA Certified Bench Jeweler on hand Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm, for all your questions and needs. Come in for a free consultation and let us bring life back to your beloved pieces. We also offer FREE inspection and cleaning, bring them in as often as you like and we will keep them sparkling.

Diamond and Gemstone Prong adjustment and

The prongs in your jewelry can be worn down due to dishes, gardening and even sleeping in your jewelry. This can lead to stones being lost. We can re-tip the prongs on your piece to make your stones safe and secure again. 

We also offer complimentary inspections and cleaning for all your jewelry, no need to have purchased it here. Bring it in as often as you think about it, for inspection and cleaning, to help prevent the loss of a stone. 

Diamond and Gemstone Replacement and Resetting

You may have a piece of jewelry stored away in a jewelry box because it's missing a stone. We can replace that! We have many types, sizes and shapes on hand. If we don't have it in stock, we can order it from one of our many vendors. We shop diamonds and gemstones, furnished from the Diamond District in New York, so you know that you are getting top quality and value. 

Rhodium Plating on White Gold

 Over time the rhodium plating/finish can wear down on your white gold jewelry. This makes your gold darker, scratched and worn looking. We can rhodium dip pieces and bring them back to that bright, white,  like-new finish again. 

Ring Sizing

We offer ring sizing, up and down, for most gold rings and some silver pieces as well. We can also solder together your wedding set to keep them from rubbing on one another and wearing down the gold.


If you have arthritis or just larger knuckles, we also have options for rings, which allow you to comfortably take your rings on and off. 

Watch Battery Replacement and Band Sizing

We offer watch battery replacement on most watches as well as pin replacement and watch band adjustments for only $10

Questions and Answers

Do You Offer Professional Appraisals?

YES, we offer appraisals for information, insurance

itemization, and personal records. Annie is our own Registered Gemologist Appraiser. She was also a former Insurance Agent so she can answer questions about coverage for your piece. She has a lot of experience working with our inventory pieces and customer appraisals. We charge a set service fee per item, with a discount on multiple items and provide the proper, color documentation for your records and insurance purposes.  

Do You Work on Watches?

We CAN change most watch batteries. We can also make adjustments to watch bands and order you a new band. 

We can't however, do repairs on the movement but we can send your watch to a specialist or refer you to your manufacturer for repairs. 

Do you Offer Consignment?

YES, we do offer consignment services, for your jewelry on a case by case basis. We ask that the piece be valued at over $300 and can do no more than 3 items per customer. The piece needs to be in good repair. We ask for a fair listing price and for the piece to be left in the store for at least 60 days. When it sells, 75% of the proceeds goes to the customer and the store keeps the other 25%, for selling the item. You can set the price in a fair market range  and if you decide to remove the item, you may do so any time after the 60 days. 

Does My Jewelry Leave the Building for Repairs?

NO, about 90% of the repairs stay in house. The other 10%, with the customer's permission, are insured and shipped to a specialist; Some silver pieces for laser welding for example. 

Do you Clean and Inspect Jewelry for Free?

YES, we offer complimentary inspections and cleaning for all your jewelry, no need to have purchased it here. Bring it in as often as you think about it, for inspection and cleaning, to help prevent the loss of a stone. We will even tighten your prongs for you for free. (Retipping is an additional charge) We want your treasures to last you for many years to come. 

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