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Meet the Team and Hear Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

After 6 years of developing our jewelry business within E-Z Pawn East,

we opened Caviar Jewelry.

You can find our humble little Jewelry store in Suite B, right next door to E-Z Pawn East. We are on the East end of town, just west of Monroe Road at 2416 East Highway 101, Suite B in Port Angeles.

All of our jewelry is cleaned, polished and inspected before going out on the floor, with most prices starting at half of suggested retail.

We have a trade in/trade up policy with Caviar Jewelry purchases, which allows you to start small and work your way up to the stunner that you've always wanted. They can also buy your old, broken jewelry next door,  so that you can apply the scrap value toward your new purchase.

We offer flexible layaway to spread out the cost to make engagement jewelry and gift shopping painless.

We bring in new jewelry from our partners in the Diamond District of New York and all over the world. They share their excellent prices with us, so that we can pass on the savings to you.

Finally Sharon can custom design pieces that are cast and shipped from our supply company. We can source just about any gem with our Jeweler's group of 26,000 jewelers from around the world so we can bring that unique piece, you've been dreaming of, to life.


Annie can process appraisals for information on the current value of your treasures as well as to bring you piece of mind for insurance purposes. She also professionally strings pearls, in house, to keep your pearls safe and sound.

We invite you to come and explore our hidden treasures, both classic and modern, and to try them on to find the perfect piece to fit your style.

Meet The Team
Annie and Sharon

2023 Sharon Annie photo.jpg

Our designer, Sharon, has over 22 years experience in the jewelry industry with a background in retail sales, fine jewelry design and manufacturing.

Sharon is a native of Wenatchee, WA. She earned Graduate Jeweler and Applied Jewelry Arts degrees from The Gemological Institute of America, specializing in jewelry design with CAD. 

Sharon moved to Ventura, CA with her Husband, who was stationed in the Navy. There, she designed for a family owned business and was shop foreman over 4 master jewelers.

When her husband left active duty, She and her family moved back to Washington, to the Port Angeles area. She has been working with E-Z Pawn for the last 9 years, where her talent and skills have increased business, leading to an expansion into a full size jewelry store, which she manages. Sharon is very passionate about selling and repairing pieces to look brand new and helping them to last for many years to come. She loves the smiles, and sometimes tears, that come with presenting people with a beloved piece of jewelry that looks like new. 

With so much history and talent you can breath easily knowing that your precious pieces are in the best hands. 


Annie Caskey runs of our Fine Jewelry Sales and Marketing, she is a Registered Gemologist and Appraiser and our pearl girl. She does Appraisals both for customers and for the shop, with her Registered Gemologist Appraiser certification with the International School of Gemology in 2023. She has been with Caviar/E-Z Pawn for over 2 years. Annie's first job as a teen, was at the Jewelry counter of Walmart back in 96' and she has held many sales and marketing jobs since then. Annie created and sold unique Native American jewelry and bead work to small gift shops all over Colorado and has been a jewelry business Partner and an Owner, selling her own designs and Estate Jewelry to shops and fairs. Her previous work was selling Irish Jewelry for a small jewelry/gift store in the mountains of Colorado, after which she moved here to Clallam County in 2017. 

She has been a Rock-Hounder (explorer of gemstones) for many years and has a good knowledge of rough and faceted gemstones. She has done media marketing and has created numerous websites for small businesses over the years and loves marketing for small local businesses that she believes in, like CAVIAR!

She delights in matching people with the perfect jewelry piece and smiles every time she helps someone to find the perfect treasure at the store. Come in and tell her what jewelry you or your loved one likes, and she can help you find the perfect piece in no time! She can also help you fill out a Caviar wish list, so you can check off the types of pieces you love to make gift giving easy for your loves ones especially during holidays! 

 We are excited to share our adventure with you and to become YOUR family jeweler. .Follow the fun on our FaceBook page @caviarjewelryanddesign or on Instagram at

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